Meet AcceleDent®

Are you in search of the next accelerated orthodontic service? We have the answer:  AcceleDent®!

AcceleDent is clinically proven to speed up tooth movement by as much as 50 percent. Plus, it reduces orthodontic discomfort along the way.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

“Bone remodeling” is the technical term for the process of teeth movement. As force is applied to teeth, bone cells begin to mobilize around the root of the tooth. It is through this cellular response that changes in the bone surround the tooth occur, which allows for our orthodontist to guide tooth movement. AcceleDent features patented SoftPulse Technology® which utilizes calibrated vibrations, referred to as micropulses, that transmit down through the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone. Because of this gentle vibration, the cellular activity increases and helps your teeth move faster.

How to Use the AcceleDent Device

The AcceleDent mouthpiece sits around existing fixed braces or clear aligners and begins vibrating once you turn it on. Make sure that you use the device for 20 minutes straight as opposed to two separate 10-minute intervals. However, you can hit pause up to six times per session without it resetting. The Mouthpiece should be able to sit in your mouth without using your hands, meaning you should apply the proper amount of force while using it.

When used with aligners or braces, AcceleDent® is clinically shown to speed the process up by as much as 50 percent. There’s also 71 percent less pain when using AcceleDent® with braces and aligners.

Reveal your new smile faster with AcceleDent® Optima™

Why Use AcceleDent®?

Not only will your orthodontic treatment be faster, but it is also simple and extremely easy to use. There have been 15 clinical studies conducted by leading doctors worldwide who all endorse AcceleDent as safe and effective. Because you use the hands-free device for only 20 minutes every day, it effortlessly fits in with your lifestyle.

Because your orthodontic treatment will be accelerated, it requires fewer office visits.

Interested in Learning More?

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