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Don’t Settle for a Bland Smile

Life is full of exciting and happy moments, all during which you can show off a great smile. This is where our orthodontist near Evanston comes into play to help craft the smile that you have always wanted. Don’t underestimate the huge impact that a great smile can have on your confidence!

Investing the time and finances to get the smile that you have always wanted can be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. Not many of us are lucky enough to have naturally straight teeth, so we turn to professionals to help us create our ideal smile. Our team at Lippitz Orthodontics is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream smile while simultaneously providing you with excellent customer service. In fact, we don’t think of our patients as solely patients, but as part of our dental family!

Both Traditional and Cutting-Edge Approaches

With advancing technology, you now have options when it comes to your teeth-straightening method. Both ceramic and traditional braces are a tried and true method of straightening your teeth, so this continues to be a popular option for our patients of all ages. Our team will help explain the foods that you should avoid as well as the foods that you can continue eating. If you participate in sports, our team can help you find the right mouthguard for you to ensure your smile is protected.

We also offer a more subtle approach to achieving your dream smile. In recent years, methods like Invisalign has gained the attention of many thanks to their discrete nature. Invisalign trays are worn at all times besides eating and drinking and they are composed of a series of aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the proper position.

Surgical Orthodontics in Evanston

In some cases, our patients are best served through surgical orthodontics to help correct severe jaw irregularities. This procedure is often helpful in helping patients improve their ability to speak, chew and breathe!

Don’t wait another day to get the smile that you have always wanted! Our team at Lippitz Orthodontics is ready to help you transform your smile into something that makes you feel confident. Contact us today to get started with a complimentary consultation!

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