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Orthodontic Treatment for Kids

Understanding the Two-Phase Orthodontic Approach

If you’ve recently inquired about orthodontic treatment for your child, it’s possible the term “two-phase orthodontic treatment” came up. Our orthodontist, Dr. Lippitz, wants to help clarify what this entails.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a multi-step procedure that is started at an early age and then later completed when all of the patient’s permanent teeth are in place. It’s used to address teeth alignment as well as issues in the facial bone structure. This treatment plan is typically used for children who have severe problems with malocclusion, like impacted teeth, extreme crowding, serious bite issues, or other early concerns with the positioning of their teeth.

Although the treatment is in two phases, it actually has three parts. By breaking up the treatment into phases, Dr. Lippitz can accurately and permanently address each problem that’s playing a role in the overall function of the mouth.

Phase One

Usually taking place between the ages of 7 and 11, this first stage focuses on problems with the jaw and underlying bone while they are still developing. By acting at such an early age, the orthodontic treatment is accomplished with more ease and less-invasive methods than if left for phase two. This is a skeletal change that allows for the optium environment for teeth to erupt properly.

Resting Stage

In this middle stage, patients rest and allow time for their remaining teeth to come in. Dr. Lippitz likes to give Mother Nature her best chance for perfect eruption.

Phase Two

Once all permanent teeth are in place, typically between the ages 11 to 13, the Phase II is used to achieve dental movement. Full braces are used to adjust the entire dental alignment, giving patients the healthy, straight smile they’ve dreamed of.

Are There Advantages to One-Phase versus Two-Phase Treatment?

One-phase treatment is generally the preferred method when possible, as it only involves the one time use of full braces to achieve the desired results. However, when two-phase treatment is necessary, it’s highly effective. The objective of two-phase treatment is to take full advantage of the opportunity to create the healthiest and highly functional result that will remain stable throughout a patient’s entire life.

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