Traditional Braces

For A Straight, Confident Smile

At any given time, there are over 4 million people in the United States that are going through orthodontic care. Traditional braces have long been a go-to option for teens and adults alike to achieve a straight, confident smile. If you are looking to get traditional braces, here are some things to know before your appointment.

Components of Traditional Braces

Once your tooth surface has been properly prepared, our orthodontists will bond a bracket directly to the front of each of your teeth. The purpose of the brackets is to hold the wire in place, so the teeth can begin shifting. With traditional braces, the brackets are stainless steel. Small rubber rings, referred to as ties, are placed around each bracket in order to hold the wire in place. Feel free to pick ties that are your favorite colors or get festive for holidays! If you want clear, that is an option as well. Small rubber bands may be used throughout your treatment, hooking onto certain brackets in order to help shift your jaw into the proper position.

After Your First Appointment

It is completely normal to be sore after getting your braces on or after appointments that tighten wires. During this time, try to eat a diet composed of soft foods. Generally speaking, try to avoid chewy foods, crunchy foods, sticky foods, hard food or food that requires biting into. Common examples of foods to avoid include caramel candies, gum, nuts, apples, carrots, bagels and licorice to name just a few.

Typical Treatment Time

There is no “standard” when it comes to how long braces are necessary. Treatment times vary based on many factors. Dr. Lippitz will give each patient an estimate of length of treatment at the initial consultation. Ongoing appointments range from two to three months apart. Be patient, your beautiful smile will be well-worth the wait!

Visit Us If Wires or Brackets Loosen

Throughout your smile journey, you might notice that brackets or wires become loose or damaged. If this is the case, set up an appointment with us; we will get the problem fixed in no time, so you will be on your way.

Traditional braces are tried-and-true in the world of orthodontics! Contact us today to get started.

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